An unhealthy car in any way shape or form can put you at risk on the road. A regular service and MOT is the best way to keep your car in tip top condition however, there are some inspections and checks that you can undertake yourself to make sure your car is working smoothly throughout the year; we only recommend these few simple things to be checked at home, any more extensive issues or related issues to the list below please do book in at Broadway MOT test centre Llandudno.

 Vehicle lights – Lights are a big safety feature on your vehicle and can cause you to be pulled over by the police if they are found to not be working. The best way to check your lights is to turn them all on, take a walk around the car and make sure all bulbs are functioning. You must also remember to turn your full beams on and check these too. In order to check your brake lights, ask someone to stand behind the vehicle whilst you depress the brake pedal. The same method can be used when checking the reverse light, simply put the car into the reverse gear and ask someone to check behind if the light has come on. If you are uncomfortable or unsure how to change your vehicles light bulbs, please call us and book in for this to be done.

Tyres– Your tyres can be looked over at home for any noticeable damage such as; splits, bulges or nails. Loss of pressure can be less noticeable if there isn’t a warning light on the dashboard of the vehicle. At Broadway Garage we will check your tyres and top up pressure for free. Any issues you notice with your tyres we recommend to book in just to be safe.

Windshield Washer Fluid – Check this every week or two. You can normally get an idea of how much washer fluid you have used recently. If you can notice a drop in the pressure at which it sprays your windshield, it is definitely time for a top-up!

Engine Oil Level – It is recommended that your oil level is checked every few weeks as well as before and after a long journey. Make sure you are parked on level ground and clean off your dipstick beforehand to obtain an accurate level. If you are unsure of which oil is suitable for your vehicle make/model give us a call and we can advise you further. If however you are unsure how to check your oil level, at Broadway Garage we will check your levels for free and advise if you need a top up. We can also run through the process of how to check your oil level at home.

Seat Belts – Seat belts are an important safety feature of your vehicle and are a legal requirement to have and use. You can visually check your seatbelts for any fraying or tears and make sure they are locking into place correctly. If you notice anything wrong with your seatbelts, book into Broadway Garage immediately and we will make sure all seatbelts are fully safe and legal.

Leaks – If you notice any wet patches underneath your vehicle that cannot be attributed to the weather there may be a slight leak in one of your engines hoses or somewhere else on your vehicle. We recommend booking your vehicle in at your earliest convenience to diagnose the issue and make sure you’re safe on the road.

We hope you find these checks helpful for keeping up the health of your vehicle; however we understand that some drivers may not feel comfortable carrying out these checks themselves. We are always happy to look over your vehicle at Broadway Garage and offer a free vehicle health check service. Our fully trained technicians will diagnose any issues there may be with your vehicle and when it comes to repairing said issues, your vehicle will be in the best hands.