With temperatures dropping and those cold mornings becoming more frequent, it’s important to maintain your car and ensure that you are safe on the roads.

It’s that time of year again! The hectic Christmas period is in full swing; your to-do list is ever growing, which doesn’t leave you much time to think about the maintenance of your car. However, winter weather can cause lots of little problems with your vehicle that could, if left unchecked, cause bigger problems, not a great Christmas present for anyone! The cold weather can be damaging to your vehicles health; the drop in temperature could cause your battery to drain faster than it should and lead to those chilly breakdowns. Perhaps the most important winter check is the condition of your tyres; worn or damaged tyres could prove to be dangerous when the roads become icy and slick as they may not have the necessary tread depth to traverse the frozen roads safely. We understand that at this busy time of year, you’re probably not thinking about your tyres or fluid levels, so let us think about them for you.

Getting your car checked for the colder weather will ensure you have peace of mind whilst you tick off the rest of your festive to-do list. At Broadway Garage, we’re happy to give you one less thing to worry about by offering a Winter Vehicle Health Check for £20 which includes a free car wash plus a free gift to ease your winter motoring. Our fully trained technicians will carry out a comprehensive list of interior and exterior checks and make sure that your car is safe in the winter weather. Your winter check will only take an hour and a half giving you time to relax with a cake and a coffee or even take a short walk into town and finish off that last bit of Christmas shopping.

Our £20 winter car check includes the following:

Under Bonnet Checks

  • Checking fluid levels
  • Topping up screen wash
  • Checking the antifreeze strength
  • Checking drive belt conditions (not cam belt / balancer belt)
  • Full battery check with printout
  • Checking of oil levels

Under Vehicle

  • Checking the condition of the brake pipes and flexible hoses
  • Checking the condition of suspension components and exhaust system for corrosion and leaks
  • Checking the condition of the CV gaiters and steering rack gaiters
  • Inspecting the tyre condition and set pressures (including spare)


  • Checking the instrument panel/lighting
  • Checking the operation of heaters, blowers and heated screens


  • Checking the operation of all exterior lights
  • Checking the operation of the horn
  • Checking the operation and condition of wipers and washer (front and rear)

At the end of your winter check we’ll give you a colour coded health check form which our service desk will go over with you and advise you of any work that your car may need. Booking in for a £20 Winter Health Check can save you both time and money in the long run and gives you the opportunity to correct any problems that may arise during these colder months. Your car has to work a little harder during the winter but you don’t have to, leave it up to us!