Whether you just love your vehicle or simply can’t afford a breakdown, there are a few things you can do to make sure that you can depend on your car, all year round.

Take note of the more common problems with your model –Some car models can be prone to a particular series of malfunctions. Do your research on reviews and experiences which will tell you more about the problems you could come to face in the future. It will give you some early warning and recommendations about the problem can be corrected. It’s best to do your research so that you are aware of the possibilities.

Take care of your MOT advisories – As you should, if you receive an advisory at your local MOT centre Conwy, be sure to attend to attend to this as soon as you can. These recommendations not only help you to pass your test next year but protect you from future mishaps.

Get a regular service – A service will set your vehicle up for fresh new liquids as well as a filter change alongside those critical vehicle checks. Your car needs clean oil so it can run at its most efficient. Otherwise, all your dirt and grime will build up, making your vehicle have to work very hard to get its required amount of oil.

Get a vehicle check-up – A vehicle check-up is a very affordable way to know exactly where you stand with the ins and outs of your car. Our 100+ point check is a great way to get a rigorous check on your vehicle, right after a frosty season or long journey.

Get breakdown Cover – So it’s clear that this won’t prevent you from breaking down, but it will certainly offer you the reassurance of roadside assistance and recovery if you do. There are different levels of cover available so be sure to select the one that’s suitable for the way you use your vehicle.

Carry out your own regular checks at home – There are things you can do at home to help stay ahead of a vehicle breakdown. It only takes a couple minutes to top up your fluids. Check your engine lights and listen out for slow starts and unusual sounds. This way if you experience you can plan your visit to the garage ahead at a convenient time for you.