Autumn is well and truly underway and winter is creeping ever closer. Along with the colder weather, the long drawn out nights are setting in. With the sun setting earlier you’ll find your home time commute is now a little on the dark side. We’ve put together some night time driving tips to ensure you remain safe on your way home.

Clean Your Windows – Ensure your windows are clean on the inside as well as the outside. Blurred or dirty windows will further reduce your visibility when driving. Check your screen wash is sufficiently topped up to keep those windows clean.

Light It Up – Simple we know, but by turning your lights on at dusk before the sun fully sets will mean less fiddling when you lose the sun completely. Making sure you’re headlights are clean, clear and visible is also a must with night time driving. Check the bulbs regularly and make sure there is no dirt hiding the beam. Your brake lights are just as important as well so ensure they are in full working order and visible to drivers behind you.

High Beams – Make sure you know where the controls for your high beams are and be ready to turn them on, on unlit roads. Just as important as well is making sure to turn them off when you see another driving coming your way before causing their vision to be impaired.

Mirrors – Check your mirrors regularly to watch out for lights and movement behind you. This is the best way to keep an eye on other drivers when you can’t see them fully. Make sure they are clean and clear of any dirt that will hinder your visibility.

Lower Your Speed – Whether you’re unfamiliar or know the roads you’re driving on like the back of your hand, it’s a good idea to lower your speed when driving in reduced visibility. Keep a good distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front and monitor this regularly.

Pull Over If You Need To – Make sure you’re as well rested as you can be before starting a long drive at night. Don’t drive further than you feel you can and have a bit of cold air circulating through the car to keep you alert. Take regular breaks to recharge and stop at the service stations to grab a coffee and 15 minutes of sleep if needed.