Healthy engine oil is one of the best components for a smooth and well running car. But, If you neglect your engine oil it can also mean a breakdown when you least expect it. We’ve got the top 5 things you should know about your engine oil to maintain a healthy vehicle and pass your MOT Colwyn Bay.

Does it matter which oil I use?
You’ll already know that different engines will need different kinds of oil depending on the viscosity designation. But, you might not know that your oil will need to meet certain API/OEM approvals that guarantee its quality to meet your car manufacturer’s standards. As long as your engine oil meets these standards, it shouldn’t matter how much you spend on your oil. This being said, there are oil counterfeits on the market, of a substandard quality so be sure to purchase from a trusted retailer or your local garage.

How often should you change your engine oil?
It is traditionally recommended that you should change your engine oil every 6 months. Your local garage can carry this work out for you on its own or, as part of a full service. Your mechanic will fully drain the old oil and replace it with healthy, golden oil.

What happens when I don’t change my oil?
Over time, your oil will become more contaminated. Of course, the more you drive, the sooner this is likely to happen. Tiny metal fragments, dirt and water will change the consistency of your oil. All the essential additives will eventually boil out, leaving you with a sludge consistency. This isn’t good for your engine and can cause it to have to work a little harder than usual to get the required oil around the engine.

When should you top up your oil?
You should consider an engine oil check before any long journey as this is when you’re likely to use the most oil.

Is black oil always a bad thing?
No. You’ll find that even within a couple days of changing your oil, it will soon start to turn dark again. This is completely normal. It is only when the consistency of your oil starts to change (from water and contaminants) when you’ll start to experience difficulties with your engine. Changing it every 6 months will prevent this change in consistency happening and keep your oil at its optimum quality.