Mot Test Centre Colwyn Bay


After the winter months, it’s incredibly important to give your vehicle the overall check it needs to make sure it’s as safe and as efficiently running as possible. You may not know that the cold weather can affect your car in different ways, which can implicate passing that important test at your MOT Test centre colwyn bay.

Car Battery – A typical battery will last you around three years but as most will know, they are much more susceptible to go in cold weather. This is because, extremely cold weather can pull voltage from the battery; meaning it has to work a little harder to start your car. Of course, if your battery is already low, you might just have a case of battery failure on your hands. Make sure you get your battery tested every six months to a year. It’s only takes a few minutes at your local garage, which can save you a lot bother if it ever did run out.

Rubber Hardens – The cold weather will cause the rubber on your vehicle to harden and split. This will mostly affect your window wipers and your tyres; two very important factors in road safety. If there are breaks in your rubber; this could well cause you to fail your MOT.

Fluids Thicken – This can mean that fluids required to run your car efficiently are delivered more slowly. Transmission fluid in particular is used at a faster flow so your engine can run well. Most cars will need to run for 15-20 before they are running at their most efficient, but if you only run your car for short bursts at a time, you can end up needing to change your fluids more frequently. A good service will do your vehicle good after a long frosty season.

Tire Pressure Decreases – In cold weather, your tyre pressure will decrease making your vehicle less responsive around bends. Needless to say, on a cold and frosty morning you want to feel as safe as possible and know that your car will offer its best performance when you need it most. Check your tyre pressure at least one a month and especially after a colder spell to make sure you have the correct tyre pressure.

Broadway Garage offers a 100+point winter vehicle check for £20 and includes a winter essentials kit. This check will give you the reassurance you need to know that everything is in order after a frosty winter. It will give you the opportunity correct any problems that might happen before they do, with our experienced team on hand to thoroughly examine your vehicle.