Being told you need new tyres is never a pleasant experience. The cost per tyre can seem like a punch to the bank balance. But tyre condition is one of the most important aspects of your vehicle. A multitude of safety issues can occur if your tyres aren’t behaving like they should be. At Broadway service and mot Garage in Llandudno we want to make sure you know what to look out for when it comes to your tyres and why it is so important to treat your tyres properly.

Cracks and Tears:

Cracks and tears are one of the most obvious issues you will notice when it comes to your tyre health. They can be caused by rough usage as well as age. If you don’t use your vehicle much and therefore don’t put much wear on your tyres, you may think you will be safe from damage such as this. However if your tyres are of a significant age this can weaken the rubber and lead to cracks and tears, so although your tyre tread may be above the legal limit due  to lack of use, the age of your tyres could still lead to damages. It is important that whatever the usage or age of the tyres, that you check for this damage. Be aware to check INBETWEEN the tread for cracks as well and not just on the outside.

Under-inflation and Over-inflation

Making sure your tyres are inflated to the correct level is an important aspect of tyre safety. If your tyres are under-inflated, more of your tyre will be wearing on the ground. You will also notice your vehicle isn’t driving as well as it should be due to the strain on the tyres. If your tyres are over-inflated, this causes the tread to wear from the middle, out. If your tyres are overinflated you may notice that the drive and turning of your vehicle isn’t as it should be and this then heightens your chance of a collision. Over-inflated tyres have a higher risk of blowing out as well, again making the likelihood of causing an accident higher. A correctly inflated tyre gives an even wear on your tread and could lengthen the life of your tyres, meaning fewer changes needed.


Let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of curbing our tyres at one point or another, some of us might even make a regular habit of it! However curbing can be very damaging to your tyre health. Curbing tyres can cause bulges to form in your tyre wall and if a bulge is found during your MOT, your car will fail. Bulges mean a higher risk of tyre blowout as the structural wall of the tyre has been weakened. Obviously the best thing you can do is be aware when parking of your tyres hitting the curb, but sometimes those knocks just happen. If you’ve had a few knocks to your tyres when parking, the best thing to do is get your tyres checked out.


Ever had that moment when driving and you hear a slight ‘clink’ when you’re tyre is rolling along? You get out the car and low and behold! Nail. It’s easy to think that a nail in your tyre isn’t a job that needs fixing ASAP, especially if you can’t detect an air leak. However, just because no air is being released doesn’t mean your tyre is still fit for purpose. Having a nail in your tyre weakens the whole tyre structure and makes that tyre unsafe for the road. But wait, some good news! Just because you have a nail doesn’t mean the whole tyre will need to be replaced. If the nail is in the centre section of the tyre then it is more than likely possible that you will only need a puncture repair. If the nail is in the side wall (outer edges) of the tyre and has gone through to the inner side of the tread, a replacement tyre will be needed. As soon as you notice a nail in your tyre, get it booked in to the garage for the technicians to diagnose the severity of the puncture.


Tyre health is an important aspect of your vehicle to keep on top of. Checking your tyres at home and not just when your vehicle has its annual checks could mean less of a monetary hit all at once. If you think you have any issues at all with your tyres then we strongly recommend booking in to get them checked. At Broadway Garage we will check your tyres for free and inform you of any issues to make sure you are safe on the road. Call our service team now on 01492 875991 to get your car booked in for a tyre check.