So it’s that time of year again, your car is due a Service, you’ll have to be car-less for a few hours, noooo! You wonder if it’s even worth it, why do you need a Service every single year??? We know car servicing can sometimes feel like more of a hindrance than a help, a nightmare than a dream, a…. well you get the idea. But servicing your car is actually one of the best things you can do to keep it running smoothly, “how?!” we hear you cry, well read on and we’ll be happy to tell you.

Having your car serviced every year may seem costly (oh poor bank balance!) but without this yearly Service you may begin to notice your engine isn’t running as smoothly as it should be. Everything that is checked and changed on a Service enables your car to work as efficiently as possible;

Oil Change – The oil change done during a Service keeps the engine lubricated and helps preserve the internal life of your car. Changing your oil keeps the levels as they should be and prevents your engine from cooking! The older the oil the more damage it can do to your engine, which is one of the reasons having a yearly Service is so important.

Spark Plugs – Spark plugs are what get your engine started and help keep it running. Bad spark plugs are what make your car not want to get up and go. You’ll use a lot more fuel if your spark plugs are worn as your engine has to work so much harder to keep running (let it have a break!). This is by proxy, detrimental to your whole engine and could lead to a shorter lifespan for your car.

Filters – Filters range from cleaning the fuel in your car to cleaning the air that you breathe (car getting a bit dusty??).

Fuel Filter – If your fuel filter is full of gunk (yuck!) this affects the MPG of your car meaning more money is being forked out for fuel! Bringing your car in for a Service allows your fuel filter to be checked and changed, can you say no more gunk!

Pollen Filter – Your pollen filter deals with the air that you’re breathing in the car, ever had a funky smell after turning the fan on? This could be the pollen filter clogged up with dust and all the bad things from outside, a Service on your car will check the pollen filter and get it changed if needed, yayyy no more stinky fans!

Air Filter – Your air filter maintains the air going into the engine, after a while these can get dirty and may clog up with leaves and other bits from Mother Nature. You may even break down if the air filter gets too dirty and hasn’t been changed because you didn’t think you needed a Service this year! Having your Service means the air filter is checked and changed if it needs it, therefore ensuring only clean air goes into your engine.

Oil Filter – Your oil filter cleans; yep you guessed it, your oil. It removes any contaminants from your oil stopping those naughty little critters from making a mess of your engine. Having your yearly Service allows the oil filter to be checked and changed which helps prevent your engine from breaking down.


There are many other smaller checks that are done on your engine during a Service, which is why it is so important to have a regular, yearly Service. There are also other benefits that a regular Service can give which you may not realise;

Vehicle valuation – If you ever decided to sell your vehicle, having a full and regular Service history can help with the valuation of your car. It shows that the vehicle has been well maintained and has received the service required, therefore highlighting that the engine has been taken care of. A well looked after car is a desirable car.

Be green – Environmental factors are also a big consideration, as regularly serviced engines help with clean fuel consumption, reducing your CO2 emissions and carbon footprint.

Cost effective – Having your yearly Service can highlight any issues that your engine has before that nasty breakdown stage. There are a lot of factors that are checked during your Service, all of which help to maintain a healthy running engine. Not getting a regular service affects the condition of your vehicle and may lead to unnecessary and costly repairs. The cost of a Service compared to the cost of a serious car repair is a lot nicer on your wallet!

At Broadway Garage Llandudno, we are dedicated to giving your car the best Service possible and making sure you get the correct Service your vehicle requires. We are competitive with pricing; all our technicians are factory trained and have regular updated training. Our technicians are fully trained to Service all makes and models. We include a free full vehicle health check during every Service, to ensure you are aware of any non-service related issues with your vehicle. We even throw in a free wash and vac! Everything your car could ask for in one place, give us a call on 01492 875991 to book in for your yearly Service.